Powershell logging function which save currently executed program to log file

Powershell benchmark template, Defines output to both screen and log file and saves currently executed file to log file

Main thing in this script is LogWrite function. I created it to “search and replace” write-host or write-output to LogWrite to make console output-only programs logwriting aware.

So if it was
    write-host “Text to write”
you can replace it with
    LogWrite “Text to write” *
*also you need to copy function body and define $global:pathToLogFile variable

Trying to reduce LogWrite parameter count i’ve defined $global:pathToLogFile variable in main program.
If this variable is defined before LogWrite call – LogWrite uses it’s value.
LogWrite function paramaters:

  • paramTextToWrite – the text to output to both screen and logfile.
  • paramPathToLogFile – full path (path+filename) to log file, if this parameter is not specified during function call,
    function will try to read $global:pathToLogFile variable value.
  • ForegroundColor – Color to print your defined in paramTextToWrite text to console (works only with write-host)
    if not specified, defaults to gray.
  • NoNewLine – false by default, if set to true – will not add CRLF after outputed string. Works only with write-host.
  • AddScriptContentsToLogFile – Function LogWrite with this parameter (shoud be called as very last statement of your program)
    will write information environment (Powershell and OS versions) and the content of file being
    executed to the end of log file.

You can download template at github

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